About us?

We Make Our Sushi with Passion

We are a restaurant tailored to our clients, with more than 10 years of experience in the preparation of sushi, we seek to provide our diners with the best advice in the world of Japanese food and thus keep them at the culinary forefront, fusing world flavors.

We love sushi, and that is our inspiration, since it awakens in us the constant need to look for new flavors and lead them to live pleasant experiences, not only with our delivery option, but also with the alternative of JAPAN IN YOU, a chef’s option at home that will involve you in the preparation of your order, also incorporating atmosphere, smells, music, textures, flavors, unimaginable sensations, that will make you live and truly transport you to the East, we are unique in the country with this 360 experience, do not hesitate to bring Japan to your home.

We have more than 10 years of experience, which allow us to adapt to the needs of our clients, provide them with the best advice and always keep them at the culinary forefront.


We are Juan and Ingrid, the creators of Arigato,

We make sushi to fall in love with!

Arigato Sushi for every day.

Meet our Team

Juan Dalle

Chef & Founder

Ingrid Olmos

Community Manager & Founder